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Who is the most rudest celebrity in Hollywood?

Who is the most rudest celebrity in Hollywood?

Who is the most rudest celebrity in Hollywood?

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Sometimes, even the rich and famous just want to give up. It’s natural that Hollywood actors and actresses become irritated when fans approach them for autographs or photos, but you’d think they’d have a little more patience. Some well-known figures were apparently already jerks before they were well-known. Fans have voted these stars as the most rude in the industry.

It’s alarming when fans share their experiences dealing with rude and unpleasant celebs. Heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson appear to be the new generation of jerks to the fans who made them famous, while Christian Bale has reportedly made children start sobbing.

Do you think that the demands of being a celebrity are just too much to handle? Also, maybe they just don’t like having their fans behind their backs. Whatever the case may be, you will be shocked by these unpleasant interactions with impolite celebrities. Find out which stars are most rude and have the worst reputations with their devoted followings.

Justin Bieber Allegedly Spat On Fans

A sick Justin Bieber once turned down a fan’s request for a selfie because she didn’t respect him enough. In 2013, he allegedly spat on fans under his Toronto hotel room, and in 2016, he shouted at them for chatting during his event. Later, though, a spokesman stated that Bieber had not actually spit on anyone and that there was no one below the balcony.

Chevy Chase Slapped A Longtime Fan In The Face

There have been rumours that Chevy Chase is racist and a pain to work with. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he can be rude to fans, given the numerous reports of him being disrespectful to coworkers.

Rob Huebel, an actor and comedian, claims to have told Chase about his devotion to him at an Upright Citizens Brigade performance. After, what did Chase do? Huebel received a slap from him that made him “see red.”

Chase made light of the situation by asking, “Can’t you tell I’m talking to somebody, kid?”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Demoralized An 8-Year-Old

A lady recalls seeing The Mask of Zorro at an early screening when she was only eight years old. When she met Catherine Zeta-Jones at the after-party and enthusiastically told her she wanted to be an actress, things got awkward.

The woman claimed that the other person had turned to her, examined her thoroughly, and remarked, “You’re pretty enough, I suppose,” before returning to her original conversation. This was the turning point for me, when I went from being confident in my appearance and my place in the world to worrying about what other people thought of me based on my outward appearance all the time.

Christian Bale Reportedly Made Little Girls Cry

Christian Bale has a reputation for being obnoxious on the set of movies, but he also reportedly has a poor social life. His ex-publicist said in her tell-all book that Bale is generally terrible to his fans. It was said of him that he would “lecture tiny girls about being disrespectful and intrusive until tears flowed down their faces, and their parents dragged them away from our table.”

After receiving a letter at his home from a rival admirer, Bale apparently informed his publicist that the person should be “eliminated,” and according to her, he even provided a technique for doing so. “Screaming can be silenced by inserting a screwdriver through the eye and into the brain.” Send me an update on how it all works out.

Rihanna Cyberbullied A Fan

 Alexis Carter, then 16 years old, made headlines in May 2014 when she wore a bat-winged pantsuit to prom in a Rihanna-inspired style. Carter sewed the gown herself, and as a thank you, Rihanna created her an internet joke.

Rihanna started posting pictures of herself and Carter together. The hashtag “#PromBat” trended, and Rihanna retweeted some of her favourite jokes, such as “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Carter expressed her deep offence to Baltimore’s Fox 45 News (via The Baltimore Sun). “Because you were wearing the same thing, there’s no point in making fun of it.” Though the clothes were the same, the stances were not. Contrary to what she claims, she does not genuinely care about her devoted following.

Ariana Grande Allegedly Mistreated Contest Winners

After Jen O’Connor won a contest hosted by MTV, VH1, and Pepsi in 2013, Dan and his daughters, Jen and Kelly, were going to meet Ariana Grande. O’Connor wrote a blog post detailing what happened.

They waited all day to meet Grande, and when they did, they were told that she only spent 15 seconds with them. Grande insisted that the images be erased after they were taken.

Tobey Maguire Told A Woman To Bark Like A Seal

Some fans have said that Tobey Maguire is too “wrapped in his own narcissistic web” to communicate with fans, which led to his being voted the worst autograph signer in Hollywood. However, the tales become strange.

At a high-stakes poker game in 2014, Molly Bloom claimed that actor Tobey Maguire offered her a $1,000 chip, according to her memoir Molly’s Game (which was subsequently made into a movie starring Jessica Chastain). The catch was that she claimed Maguire had told her to perform the seal bark.

Bloom allegedly claimed that Maguire informed her, “That is the truth, seriously.” Why are you acting so strangely? Too wealthy, huh? “How about a thousand dollars, and you still won’t bark?”

Christina Aguilera Insulted ‘The Voice’ Contestants And A Fellow Celeb

Although she has a powerful voice, Christina Aguilera allegedly hasn’t always been polite to her fans. Aguilera reprimanded a contestant for not paying close attention to her critiques and repeatedly demanded a male vocalist remove his pants while she was a judge on The Voice.

Apparently, her treatment of fans doesn’t change even if they achieve celebrity status. In an interview, actress Valerie Bertinelli said she told Aguilera, “Oh my God, I think you’re a beautiful singer.” She claims that Aguilera, however, was uninterested and simply said, “Yeah, whatever.”

Jared Leto Allegedly Flipped Off A Concert-Goer

Jared Leto fronts the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars when he’s not acting. On stage, however, he seems to lose his temper.

At a concert in Brazil in 2011, he allegedly gave the middle finger to a fan who wasn’t familiar with all of his songs.

Rachael Ray Reportedly Isn’t Nice To Her Audience

Someone who has seen Rachael Ray on her TV show says she isn’t as friendly as she seems on screen. Someone wrote in a TripAdvisor review, “She seemed disinterested and even resentful of having to put on the show when she came out to meet and greet the crowd.” Her gripes were legion! She rolled her eyes and didn’t act like the upbeat, vivacious host we’re used to seeing on her show.

Adam Levine Allegedly Said He Doesn’t Give Autographs To Ugly Chicks

Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, is a popular judge on the TV show The Voice, but he allegedly isn’t always nice to his fans. An anonymous Reddit user (via Gigwise) claims that Levine once refused to sign an autograph for an enthusiast, claiming that he refused because “I don’t give signatures to unattractive females.”

Lea Michele Walked Off The Set Of A Talk Show

Glee’s Lea Michele upset viewers of the British talk show This Morning when she fled the set without finishing her interview. She left the set after a brief handshake with the hosts and no further interaction.

Hailee Steinfeld, who was also auditioning for True Grit, claims to have seen Michele on the Paramount lot. Michele ignored Steinfeld’s request for a signature.

Michael Jordan Wouldn’t Take A Photo With Another Celebrity

Lots of people look up to Michael Jordan, but he lost a notable supporter in 2009. Jordan is only a “Hollywood” celebrity because of Space Jam.

Rapper Chamillionaire claimed he met Jordan at a gathering following a charity auction. However, Chamillionaire claims that when he asked Jordan for a photo, the NBA great turned him down.

“I ain’t taking pictures with no n*****,” Jordan allegedly informed him. The rapper claims Michael Jordan told him, “I heard you bought a commemorative jersey of mine for seven grand. “And you know what? “I’ll take your picture with me if you buy a jersey from me for $15,000.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. Got Pushy With A Bartender Who Kicked Him Out

A celebrity has the right to decline taking a photo with a fan, but Cuba Gooding Jr. allegedly went too far. Gooding allegedly became angry at fans who wanted selfies with him in a New Orleans club in 2012. After being asked to leave by a female bartender, Gooding allegedly shoved her into a wall.

It was reported to the police, but Gooding informed the press that it was all in jest.

Sandra Bullock Allegedly Yelled At A Fan In A Wheelchair

There is a limit to the privileges you’ll enjoy as America’s sweetheart. In 2012, when Sandra Bullock was filming The Heat in Boston, MA, a fan said that she and her husband, a disabled veteran in a wheelchair, ran into the actress. The woman said that the group asked Bullock for an autograph, and that in response, the actress yelled and covered her face.

Even though they were aware of Bullock’s commitments, the female remarked that she didn’t think the situation called for such an obnoxious reaction.

Sean Penn Reportedly Threw A Fan’s Cell Phone

Throughout his life, Sean Penn has displayed a pattern of violent behaviour. In the past, he has been sentenced to sixty days in jail for punching a movie extra and three hundred hours of community service for kicking a photographer. Nonetheless, in 2013, he displayed his anger at a sales conference.

Penn was livid when another conference attendee tried to take his picture in the lobby of the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, California. Penn is said to have snatched the man’s phone and thrown it to the ground while shouting, “Do we look like f*cking zoo animals?”

The man opted against filing charges.

Morrissey Sent A Brutal Letter To A Pen Pal

While Morrissey has always had a reputation for being a prick, in 1980, before the Smiths were even a band, he responded to a personal ad in Sounds magazine with an especially glum message.

Robert Pattison Wonders What Fans Do All Day

Upon its initial release in 2008, the Twilight film franchise sparked fan fervour and catapulted Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to the forefront of the entertainment industry. In an interview in 2013, however, Pattinson said something about “Twi-hards” that was just a little bit rude (Huffington Post).

“I wonder sometimes: what do these hordes of people spend their days doing, the man declared. “They lurk online, commenting on everything, even things loosely related to the Twilight series.”

Russell Crowe Scolded A Talk Show Audience For Clapping

Russell Crowe has a history of violent outbursts, including allegedly threatening to kill Azealia Banks and tossing a phone at a hotel clerk. However, he made a public outburst on the Irish talk show The Late Late Show in 2015.

Crowe joined the band for a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” after host Ryan Tubridy encouraged him to give the studio “something to tap our toes to.”

Audience members who tried to clap along with him were reprimanded once he began. “Please clap at the appropriate times. “Don’t bother talking if you can’t clap along.”

Spike Lee Is Notoriously Rude To Everyone

Although Spike Lee’s socially conscious films, such as Do the Right Thing, have been widely praised, the director has a history of engaging in questionable behaviour when interacting with the public. Lee is notorious for his outward displays of annoyance toward fans and media members.

He has also engaged in public rivalries with celebrities like Tyler Perry and Chance the Rapper.

Bruce Willis Yelled At Kids For Recognizing Him

When Bruce Willis and his then-wife Demi Moore were in Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Olympics, they stopped by the California Pizza Kitchen at Lenox Square Mall. An employee at the eatery alleges that two boys, around 10 years old, saw Willis, grinned at him, and pointed. But it is said that Willis stood up and yelled at the kids for bothering him at lunch. 


Ayziii enjoys writing about the rich and famous celebrities, including their personal lives, scandals, and biographical details. who's always on the lookout for fresh perspectives from which to investigate the lives of Hollywood A-listers.

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Ayziii enjoys writing about the rich and famous celebrities, including their personal lives, scandals, and biographical details. who's always on the lookout for fresh perspectives from which to investigate the lives of Hollywood A-listers.

All stories by:Ayziii
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